Create the Next Generation
of NFTs With Us
Fair Pre-Sale

Your limited opportunity to become part of our decentralized community building a robust and highly rewarding NFT platform.

Fair Pre-Sale:1,500,000 $OFCL tokens are allocated for Fair Pre-Sale phase on an ascending discount schedule.

0.55¢ per token
Day 1-15 of Fair Pre-Sale
0.64¢ per token
Day 16-45 of Fair Pre-Sale
0.75¢ per token
Day 46-60 of Fair Pre-Sale
Investors: Volume Discount
5% Discount on Fair Pre-Sale price on investment of 50,000 to 100,000 tokens.
10% Discount on Fair Pre-Sale price on investment of 101,001 to 200,000 tokens.
200,000 Cap on tokens for investor during Fair Pre-Sale
Fair Pre-Sale Tokens are locked for 90 days from the purchase date.
*Please review our Tokenomics to understand deployment and liquidity vesting schedules.*
Stage 01

1. Release Whitepaper for OfficialNFT®
2. $OFCL Token Fair Pre-Sale
3. NFTs created and available for purchase on
4. Utilization of our existing 200k social media followers and 150k
email subscriber list for marketing our NFT marketplace
5. MystryNFT® subscription model launch

Stage 02

1. Dynamic NFTs built and deployed
2. Phase 1 of OfficialNFT® marketplace built and invites sent to a curation of artists and brands to participate
3. Influencer marketing program for NFT marketplace
4. Token Generation and Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool

Stage 03

1. Phase 2 of marketplace deployed with Whitelabel capability
2. Launch of our vertical solutions for physical products, experiences, events and admissions connected to NFTs as solutions for our marketplace artists and brands.
3. Phase 2 launch of our mystryNFT® subscription model